17 Year Old Girl Goes Crazy After Consuming Excess Drug (Video)

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Young girl reacts horribly following her abuse of some hard drugs . The girl, reportedly aged 17, and another friend, aged 15, went to the National Stadium in Abuja. While there, the older girl consumed an illegal drug and began reacting to it.

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The younger girl narrated how the incident unfolded. She said her older friend has experimented with drugs before at her home during  her brother’s birthday. She claimed the girl took “small drop” on that day. Narrating how the latest incident occurred, the girl, named.

Favour, said she and her older friend and some others were hanging out.
She bought Coke for them but they refused to take it and she wasn’t aware when they went to buy the drug her friend reacted to. The
older girl who consumed the drug can be seen on the floor rolling and screaming as she called on her friend to take her home.