Chase Insects Away From Your Home With These Magic Methods

Chase Insects Away From Your Home With These Magic MethodsNew Ways Of Keeping Mosquitoes, Cockroach And Other Houseflies Away From Home/ Dirty Environment can bring insects in homes. damp areas can bring insects like mosquitoes and others close to house. Almost every corner of our house is shared by these pesky invaders. These ants pose a danger to your personal hygiene and your health.

We all know some traditional methods to keep them away, but, over a period of time, these methods are not coherent to address them. Requires procedural therapy in the continuation to keep them away. Here, there are some home remedies to keep them out of your home forever:

Cut the cucumber into small slices and place them at the likely entry point of the ants in your kitchen. Ants have natural instinct to avoid the fragrance of the cucumber. Bitter cucumber slices work better.

The spray of soap water works well against the ants. Kill the ants and stop their movement.

Crushed mint leaves or mint tea bags are a good anti-ant agent.

A mixture of mint apple jelly and boric acid is a deterrent against pharaoh ant