Celebrity Horrifically Disfigured After Cosmetic Surgery


Celebrity Horrifically Disfigured After Cosmetic Surgery.  Brazilian Angela Pedrosa, 26, spent more than two months in hospital after 300mls of industrial silicone was allegedly injected into her

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Doctors in Rio de Janeiro saved her life by taking out infected and decomposing tissue from her rear, leaving it with crater-like scars
after the procedure.

Her self esteem has been shattered by the damage inflicted on her body and she has been left in constant pain.

On Wednesday Mrs Pedrosa was told she will need more risky surgery to reconstruct her mangled bum by filling it with fat from
other parts of her body.

It comes after leading plastic surgeons in Britain announced plans for a formal review into the safety of Brazilian butt lifts.

Mrs Pedrosa has had two of the procedures, which the American Society of Plastic Surgeons warns has a staggering mortality rate. in September, surgeons removed fat from Mrs. Pedrosa’s thighs via liposuction in order to mould her bum.

But her body rejected some of the deposits which began rotting. Doctors say her ‘left cheek requires more filler’ as the surgery left her with a lopsided rear.

After taking some time out to recover, she is due to go back to the operating table where more fat will be removed from her tummy to try and balance out the shape of her bum.