Details As Muslim Crushed 2 Police Motorcyclists With His BMW, Leaving One In a Coma

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muslimDetails As Muslim Crushed 2 Police Motorcyclists With His BMW, Leaving One In a Coma

A suspected ISIS terrorist was under arrest in Paris last night after crushing two police motorcyclists at high speed between his BMW and a patrol car, leaving one officer in intensive care in a coma.

he 29-year-old attacker, who is being referred to as Youssef T, has since admitted ‘I did it for ISIS,’ according to investigators speaking to the Parisien newspaper. Searches at his home in Colombes and of his car uncovered ‘a letter explaining his action with possible terrorist motives’ and a knife.muslim

The suspect was taken into custody for interrogation at a high security police station in the Paris area.
The black BMW 1 Series at high speed crushed the two officers who were standing by their bikes and the patrol car. ‘One was trapped between a municipal police car and that of the madman,’ a source told Le Parisien.

Both officers were rushed away from the scene, with the worst injured going to the Beaujon Hospital at Clichy, where he was placed in an artificial coma.

Youssef was known to police, but not to France’s security services, according to the investigating sources. The perpetrator apparently has terrorist motivations which remains to be confirmed.

Earlier this month, three Sudanese Muslim refugees were placed in custody in France following the first terrorist attack in Europe during the Coronavirus lockdown – raising fears that they were part of an ISIS-style cell.