Divine: Pastor Hits Church Members With “Holy Cane”


Religion is a big part of people’s lives, especially those in Ghana . Many would go to any length to obtain the favour and mercy of
whoever they consider to be the supreme Being. Because pastors and men of God are usually to be messengers of the Sovereign, they usually receive a fair share of the loyalties people give to the Divine.

The assertion above recently proved itself true through what can be regarded as a quizzical and surprising situation.A video showing an undisclosed man of whipping church members with cane has been making rounds online and attracting the
attention of people.

Most comments under the video have condemned him for his actions but the church members don’t look perturbed in the video – it
appears to be a norm.

While some social media users suggest the congregants were being punished for absenting themselves from church, others have
debunked the suggestion, claiming the members were being punished for fornication.

What calmed the heated atmosphere for a moment was when a little boy moved to the pastor to receive his lash.

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