Exposed: Tonto Dikeh And Dubai Prison


Exposed: Tonto Dikeh And Dubai Prison. Whoever thought this day will come! After Tonto Dikeh ended her marriage in the messiest way ever, many women online were quick to tarnish the image of her then-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Many people accused him of being too quiet, saying that quiet people are the most dangerous because he tried to make Tonto Dikeh looked like she was dramatic by not responding to her public outrage and outburst.

The reception of Tonto Dikeh’s divorce new reflects how backward the Nigerian society had become, many people go out of their way to prove their “feminist” power by defending Tonto Dikeh, even when she was glaringly in the wrong and clearly troubled with possible some psychological and mental disorder.

The Stockholm syndrome that affects millions of Nigerians have blocked their sense of reasoning and they just encourage feminine rage and promote violence. Tonto Dikeh has now fallen out with one of Nigeria’s most famous bloggers, Stella Dimoko Korkos who Tonto Dikeh has accused of hating her because she is not as successful as rival blogger, Linda Ikeji (who also built her blog from content lifted mostly from Stella Dimoko’s blog in the early days, this one is gist for another day).

Well, the fallout started when Stella broke the news of Tonto Dikeh’s arrest in Dubai (Which was true by the way), Tonto Dikeh being Tonto Dikeh was very furious for Stella’s action and from history, we all know Tonto Dikeh to be a self-confessed anger-driven vindictive lady – she has promised to completely “Expose” Stella Dimoko and destroy the little that is left of her career.