Fr. Mbaka Explode Hours After Supreme Court Declared Hope Uzodinma Governor of Imo state As He Prophesy,


Barely 48 hours after Supreme court declared Hope Uzodinma, a candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who was in a
distant 4th at the poll as the Governor of Imo state, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka has reacted to the court ruling which was in line with his

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Reacting to the Apex court’s ruling, the Enugu-based Catholic Priest disclosed that the judgement of the court is a vindication on his
consistency about the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress. This disclosure was made in a statement released by his spokesman, Maximus Ugwuoke.

Rev. Father Mbaka further stated that people should respect the servant of God when he speaks and also they should learn to fear

In His Statement 

He said “We are not all gifted alike; Fr Mbaka’s prophetic gift should be a source of pride for the Catholic Church and indeed all true
Christians as a living evidence of divine presence within the church.

“As a lawyer, I tell you that there are double-fold angles to this miracle. One is the miraculous resuscitation of Hope Uzodimma from
the far away position he was placed in the election result announced by INEC in Imo State. The second is the unanimous
confirmation of the seven justices of the Supreme Court (without a dissent view) that Uzodimma was the rightful winner of the

“Fr Mbaka had at all times been consistent in his insistence of God’s revelation to him of Hope Uzodimma as Imo governor even
before his 31st December night message and before Uzodimma’s appeal to the Supreme Court. Uzodimma; becoming the governor
of Imo was just a part of the about 40 prophetic prayers Fr Mbaka made on the 31st December night. But that became the only issue
people satanically picked against him.

“Today, again God has vindicated Fr. Mbaka as He has always done for Fr Mbaka and adoration ministry in all the battles,
vituperations and attacks the ministry had faced in the past. To God be the glory.”

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