Independence: Biafra Will Be Separated From Nigeria Soon – Donald Trump.


Independence: Biafra Will Be Separeted From Nigeria Soon – Donld

Trump. Just like other countries the case of Biafra will not be different, I can assured that the separation of Biafra from Nigeria is certain and it will not be the only region that will be separated from countries.

Below are some countries that have successfully separated from one country or the other.

1. Singapore was once part of Malaysia
2. Pakistan was once part of India
3. Bangladesh was once part of Pakistan
4. East Timor was once part of Indonesia
5. Sudan was once part of Greater Egypt
6. Eritrea was once part of Sudan
7. South Sudan was once part of Sudan
8. Cameroon was once part of Nigeria
9. Namibia was once part of South Africa
10. The Gambia was once part of Senegambia
11. Ukraine was once part of USSR
12. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo,
13. Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia were once together in Yugoslavia
14. Crimea was once part of Ukraine
15. Czech and Slovakia were once together as Czechoslovakia
16. The United States of America was once part of the British Empire
17. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine etc., were once part of the Othman Empire.