IPOB: Four Suspects Identified Over Ekweremmandu’s Attack In Germany

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ipobIPOB: Four Suspects Identified Over Ekweremmandu’s Attack. The German police says four suspects were identified in relation to the attack against Senator Ekweremadu . Ekweremmadu was attacked by suspected IPOB members during a programme in Germany .

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The police said it took steps to prevent the attack on the senator from escalating The police in Germany has said investigation is still ongoing following the attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu by members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).

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In an interview by Ruona Meyer published by Premium Times, Robert Sandmann who is the first chief commissioner of police said they took every action they could to protect the senator. The police chief said the organisers had intimated them on possible attack.

He said: “The organisers pointed out a possible, (somewhat) abstract endangerment, which in the course of further police investigation, could not be specifically confirmed, but independently, Police measures were put in place for the event. Unfortunately, we tried, but the time of the arrival of the Guest Speakers could not be found out. At the beginning and during the event, the police contacted the organisers two times.

Until this point in time, there were no reports from the organisers of disturbances or real and present threats of danger. Immediately after the last contact, the incident occurred. With the arrival of the invited speaker, senator – what happened was that a group of visitors to the festival expressed strong displeasure towards him.

He was prevented from entering the festival building. Because of the very heated, emotional situation, the senator decided to leave the festival. During all this, several festival visitors surrounded his car, and eggs were thrown at the car. Becoming aware of this situation, the police immediately and initiated measures to protect the senator.

“By using the police car as a blockade, those pursuing the car were then separated from the senator. Numerous other police units, called as reinforcement, could then calm down the situation. They handed several expulsion notices to leave the area and took down the identity of eight people.

“In the meantime, several police units escorted the senator to the hotel, for his protection, as well as escorting him and protecting him until he had left the city borders.” Sandmann said investigation is ongoing as four suspects have been identified and being investigation for coercion.

He said: “On Monday, the prosecutor’s office was informed; they subpoenaed the investigation file for the next day, and then decided their next steps. Witnesses were also heard, and also the available video material was secured and investigated.

Through this, already, four suspects were identified and they are now being investigated for coercion. Furthermore, the criminal police is tasked with identifying more suspects and prove their participation based on the available evidence.