Love Is Not Enough For Ladies, Spoil Them With Money To Make Them Happy- Celebrity


Love Is Not Enough For Ladies, Spoil Them With Money To Make Them Happy- Celebrity. It’s an established fact that the love contemporary ladies around the world especially Ghanaians have for money can’t be compared to anything. Reason ugly but deep pocket guys are running all the beautiful ladies in town.

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But to some, money is not everything especially as a guarantee to happiness in relationship. To those with this school of thought, love, attention and effective communication are more important to ladies in relationship than spraying cash on them.

Nonetheless, actress Nana Ama McBrown thinks otherwise! To the best knowledge of the seasoned actress, love alone isn’t enough to ladies when they are in a relationship as compared to money. Sharing her candid opinion about the issue of love and money in an interview with Emelia Brobbey, McBrown envisaged that;

“The secret is, as woman you have to be hardworking. You have to work. Because one thing I know is that when a woman has money, she is always happy within her heart”. Drawing a distinction between love in the absence of money, Nana Ama further stated that: Love doesn’t make people happy; there is love, however, a man might love you and yet be unable to provide for you.

“Also, a man might love you but because you’re lazy [as a woman] to work, his love for you might fall short. Nana Ama then concluded that it is only when love and money come into play that women find satisfaction in their relationship. And thus, encouraged them to work hard in order to earn some income.