I Am A Lover Girl But Waiting For The Right Man, “Would Not Tolerate Nonsense- Toke Makinwa

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I Am A Lover Girl but Waiting For The Right Man, “Would Not Tolerate Nonsense- Toke Makinwa. Popular socialist and mulitmedia personality, Tooke Makinwa, has thrown her weight behind women who love money

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Women with taste for money inspire their men to go the extra mile and work harder.  The media personality said that she has friends whose wives make them work more because of their predilection for money

The popular mulitmedia personality, Toke Makinwa, has lent her voice to the connection between money and relationship. Makinwa said there are men whose passion for hard work is inspired by women who love money.

She spoke further by saying she  has friends who because of the women they are married to, go the extra mile. She added by saying that those who insults women who love money should stop the attitude.

She said that she is very single but by choice. She explained that her single status is not as a result of scarcity of men. The media girl
said she would rather share herself with someone worth it.

The media personality added that she is not against marriage seeing as the greatest love story she witnessed was that of her parents. Toke explained that she is a lover girl but would not tolerate nonsense.