Oge Asiegbu Advises Women


Ladies: Oge Asiegbu Advices Women How To Keep Their Husband.  Many Nigerian women blasting wife of Nollywood actor, Ejike Asiegbu, Oge, after she advised them on how to stop their husbands from ch!ating.


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  1. Cheating is a choice. A person who cheats decided to not because you the partner is lacking(even if you are a disciplined partner would communicate with you) People who get cheated on should stop asking themselves what went wrong all the pain and guilt should go to the cheating partner.The fault is not yours the fault is that of the indisciplined partner who lacks respect for you and lacks self control for himself. No need losing your identity because you want to chain a loose dog Very myopic thinking, have u thought of raising kids while preaching seductive dress?dress smartly not seductively,if dressing is what keep a man,then their won’t be any prostitute on d street. Even Oga can come home with friends or business partners unannounced, seductive dressing can go wrong in many ways Although I don’t buy d idea of tying wrapper in d house,just look presentable,shikenah.

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