Peaceful Celebration Turned Bl00dy As Ten Students Lost Their Lives. (Must Ready)

Peaceful Celebration Turned Bloody As Ten Celebrants Lost Their Lives. (Must Ready)Peaceful Celebration Turned Bloody As Ten Celebrants Lost Their Lives. There was a drama yesterday at Graduation Party where a final year medical student identified as Dr Einstein and nine others have been allegedly murdered by c0ltists in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma,

Edo State. The students were reportedly attending a graduation party held at Judges quarters in Ekpoma on September 18.

However the peaceful celebration turned bl00dy when two students started exchanging blows and causing mayhem at the party.

Many other students jumped in to separate the fight but from blows, it escalated when one of the fighting students accused the other of tearing his shirt and was said to have promised that he will pay for it.

According to reports, the angry student left the hall and returned with some other boys (described as c0ltists) and with weapons identified as guns. They purportedly opened fire, killing the student who tore his shirt and the others who tried to separate the fight.

The bloodbath ended the lives of 10 students including the final year student, Dr Einstein, who was set to graduate in a few days.

An unidentified social media user shared photos of two of the murdered students, mourning their tragic passing and expressing shock over the turn of events that led to the unfortunate incident