Tupac Shakur is Not Dead – Son (must Read)

TupacTupac Shakur is alive and well and living in Malaysia according to the son of Death Row Records boss Suge Knight, who was with him when he got shot.

Suge J. Knight made the sensational claims on Instagram, suggesting the fatal shooting outside a Las Vegas nightclub on September 7, 1996, was faked.

“Tupac is alive… he never left us,” he wrote whilst sharing images of a man looking like an older Tupac hugging a present day Beyonce and 50 Cent.

He also shared footage of a man resembling the late rapper filmed in Malaysia before claiming a shadowy organisation is seeking to silence his claims.

Sharing a sinister direct message which read, “You said to much. Time for you to go,” he replied, “The truth will be out and I’m not going anywhere.”

But Knight – who is serving 28 years for hitting two people with his car in Compton, killing one – recently revealed he doesn’t believe Tupac is dead either.

“When Pac died… if he really did, you know?” he said on 2017 documentary Who Shot Biggie & Tupac.

Explaining himself, he continued: “I mean, when I left that hospital, me and Pac were laughing and joking.”

“So I don’t see how somebody can turn from doing well, to doing bad,” Suge said.

Asked point blank if he thinks Tupac is still alive, Suge then responds: “I’m gonna tell you that with Pac, you never know.”